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Window Gallery/2008

Exotic Blend

17 December 2008 - 11 February 2009

A reflection upon cross cultural heritage, Jacqui Chan's Exotic Blend signifies her desire, as a contemporary jeweller, to embody the particular form of chinoiserie endemic to her New Zealand upbringing. With this body of work Chan was drawn to tea tins for the symbolism they engender. The exotic imagery depicted in tea tins is, she observes, equally distant from modern China as it is from England. Cut up, pierced, folded and tricked into wearable brooch forms, the tea tin is reclaimed by the artist.

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Digital Craft

14 November 2008 - 16 December 2008

In this installation Danelle Briscoe has employed digital fabrication to explore the physical construction of unusual architectural forms. It is a process she refers to as "crafting the atypical" in architecture. Briscoe uses stereo-lithography, a method and apparatus for making solid objects by successively "printing" thin layers of ultraviolet resin one on top of the other, to produce an undulating, double-curvature wall-like piece.

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11 October 2008 - 08 November 2008

In this window installation, Ainsley O'Connell explores the creative potential of paper folding. The sculptural and architectural possibilities in O'Connell's four year investigation into simple folded objects rendered as cast glass are successfully realized. The artist engages with "the transformation of the mundane flat sheet, through the craft-based fold, to emerge as a sculptural art object, seeking to explore how folding can be used to design architectural forms."

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Liquid Life

06 November 2008 - 04 October 2008

Liquid Life is a slightly unusual proposition for Sharon Fitness, whose practice is often aimed towards adornment at the edges of wear-ability. Fitness is driven to create "temporal art experiences for random audiences." In this installation everyday objects are derailed. Liberally drizzling objects in liquid silicone, before removing the colourful film and displaying the resulting hollow forms en masse, Fitness suggests an un-hierarchical world which often features utilitarian and somewhat banal domestic things.

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Save For Best

02 August 2008 - 30 August 2008

Kristy Palleson is inspired by 'crafty' and utilitarian forms. With respect to these influences however, that is where the comparisons usually end. The Otago trained ceramist is inspired by the traditions of media other than ceramics and routinely works in a different medium to that of the objects she draws from in her practice.

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The Tomb Of The Unknown Maker

28 June 2008 - 26 July 2008

In an age where high-tech gadgets and mass produced luxury items proliferate ceaselessly, it is easy to forget the work of millions of unknown craftsmen who skillfully labour to establish the final forms and materiality of commonly used objects. Trudie Kroef's window installation The Tomb of the Unknown Maker is a pean to the skill of these often unappreciated makers. As Lucy Hammonds observes, Kroef's work seeks "to redress this imbalance through translating the manufactured into an obvious craft vernacular".

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27 May 2008 - 21 June 2008

Precious is a new window installation for Objectspace by Bay Of Plenty-based ceramic artist John Roy. Precious comprises of two opposing figures of similar stance and proportions that appear to be whispering to one another. Perhaps questioning the respective values, condition and age of these similar yet differing works, the viewer is immediately drawn to the most singular difference between these two objects: One figure is finished in the punctured surface treatment and off-white matte glazing that Roy is known for, while the other figure is treated to a new and shiny golden veneer.

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Outside: Inside

12 April 2008 - 17 May 2008

In this installation by Rachelle Pedersen, intricately created works have been created from cotton and wool yarns using a Macrame technique. Referring to the internal structures of the body, finely knotted channels appear to spread across the human form.

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01 March 2008 - 05 April 2008

Originating in a time before the understanding of molecules and microbes, scent was worn for its amuletic, talismanic and medicinal properties, as well as enhancing and beautifying the body - much the same as the purpose of jewellery. Scentiment is a moving image installation by Andrea Simper which incorporates a series of work of the same name, exploring the similarities of these two body-enhancing accessories, scent and jewellery.

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The Loving Cup

23 January 2008 - 24 February 2008

Joanna Auld's installation for the Objectspace window programme explores the phenomenon of the trophy. The Loving Cup recognizes our competitive culture, "where we are defined by our acquisitions, our qualifications, the numerous lines on our C.V... The Loving Cup is for me the ultimate prize, as I have found my life's love."

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