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  • Installation view

  • Save For Best 2008

    Maker: Kirsty Palleson
    Materials: ceramic
    Courtesy of the artist

Save For Best

02 August 2008 - 30 August 2008

Kristy Palleson is inspired by ‘crafty' and utilitarian forms. With respect to these influences however, that is where the comparisons usually end. The Otago trained ceramist is inspired by the traditions of media other than ceramics and routinely works in a different medium to that of the objects she draws from in her practice.

Palleson notes "In this new series of work I have sought to recognise my role as a maker and address the craft heritage of my materials ... I view this series as collaborations between myself and these anonymous makers/knitters, to preserve the object but also the sentiment or act of love, boredom, duty or concern that created them."

Not afraid of exploring the notion of sentiment, Save For Best dives in unashamedly. Palleson's ceramic replicates (and in many cases literally entombs) the items that have gained her attention. It is a meditative tribute to everyday makers.

Kristy Palleson is a Wellington based ceramist.