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Susan Holmes: Fabric Artist

Programme / 18 November 2016

Susan Holmes: Fabric Artist charts the course of an extraordinary career over five decades. Resisting easy categorisation, Holmes could be defined as fabric painter, fashion designer, textile artist, or heralded wearable art designer. Her work has shifted dramatically over time, from a beginning arguably at a key moment for the development and popularity of craft in New Zealand, selling hand-printed silk scarves and garments at the famous Brown's Mill Market in central Auckland in the 1970s, to a position she is likely best known for today, as one of the most awarded World of WearableArt™ designers in New Zealand. Holmes' career speaks to her adaptability and resourcefulness, her pursuit of enquiry and learning and the desire and motivation to be in the studio. 

Published as part of Objectspace's Masters of Craft series, author Cerys Dallaway-Davidson provides an insightful and intelligent overview of Holmes' career in this exquisitely illustrated book. Providing the opportunity for readers to hear Holmes’ voice, Dallaway-Davidson paints a vivid picture of her life and the wider context of motherhood, marriage and the social and political forces that have influenced her life and in turn her world. Most resonant is Holmes’ own down-to-earth attitude about making and learning. Humble to the point of self-deprecating at times, Holmes’ ability to adapt her practice to her own strengths, areas of interest and degrees of patience is refreshingly candid and an inspiration to any maker, artist or designer today. 

The publication retails at $50 and is available at Objectspace. 

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Johnson Witehira Half-Blood

Programme / 12 October 2016

Half-blood is an exhibition that challenges the history and myths associated with both Māori and Pakeha identity through two playable digital artworks by graphic designer Johnson Witehira. The works, projected side-by-side in the gallery space, present two narratives; the arrival of Māori and the arrival of Pakeha in Aotearoa New Zealand. The audience are invited to take up the controls and navigate a Pacific or British character through the alien landscape, with each forced to overcome challenges in their newly-discovered worlds. For Māori this included taming the harsh environment; for Pakeha it was taming the savages.

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Beauty is in the Street

Programme / 27 August 2016

Reimagining the city through the eyes of critically attuned and collective making practices which engage in the vital issues and materials of our contemporary landscape with resilience, humour, energy and transmutation.

Including contributions from Areez Katki, Sione Monu, Lula Cucchiara & Ash Mosen / Mosen Studios, Rawiri Brown, Luisa Tora and Molly Rangiwai-McHale, Liv Worsnop, Eleanor Cooper, Oliver van der Lugt, Luka Mues, Dawn Blood, Lulu Fang, Annie Mackenzie, Jack Tilson, John Mutambu, Bridget Riggir, Lana Lopesi, Ella Sutherland and Billie Popovic

Curated by Elle Loui August

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Objectspace National Craft, Applied Art and Design Symposium 2016, Full programme

Programme / 17 August 2016

Join Objectspace and Auckland Museum for a two-day national symposium exploring the state of contemporary practice in the fields of craft, applied art and design. International speakers will be joined by a range of local voices discussing the forces of most influence on making today. 

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Handshake 3

Programme / 08 July 2016

A third iteration of New Zealand's prominent jewellery mentoring project, Handshake returns to Objectspace. Founded by jeweller Peter Deckers in 2011, Handshake 3 sees a shift in in mentor / mentee relationship, where the mentor becomes collaborator.

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Samunder and Haldi

Programme / 08 July 2016

An exhibition focusing on the textile works of emerging artist Quishille Charan, and her investigations of traditional Fijian textiles.

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Still Life Forms

Programme / 26 May 2016




Elaborating on a tradition of still life painting, jeweller Chloe Rose Taylor works to coax unfamiliar sensations into arrangements of the everyday. Recomposing a precise selection of quotidian and nostalgic themes -­an extensive seashell collection, an ubiquitous soap brand, and a collection of ambiguous soft sculptures-­ Taylor has pursued an intuitive and haptic line of inquiry, evading an easy symbolism and pushing her works into a vibrant series of postures and forms.

Since graduating from Whitireia Faculty of Arts in 2013 Wellington based artist Chloe Rose Taylor has quickly built a reputation for creating electrifying installations in the field of contemporary jewellery. Taylors work is characterised by an expressive focus on form and playful materiality, and has been exhibited in solo and group shows, both nationally and internationally.

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The Way of Matter

Programme / 22 April 2016

New making from recent graduates of Aotearoa New Zealand

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A Storage Problem

Programme / 04 March 2016

A Storage Problem: Martin Poppelwell

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