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Window Gallery/2005


19 December 2005 - 21 January 2006

Shelley Norton's installation, Ticklish, features rings made from discarded plastic wrappings which transform the discarded and undesired into the desired.

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The History of the Cup (clam cup)

05 December 2005 - 18 December 2005

Clam cup is one piece from a series of works created for an exhibition titled The History of the Cup. Working with the basic shape of the cup, such an everyday item, Janet Green wanted to elevate the status of this familiar form, from the ordinary, to the extraordinary.

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Sweets for my Sweet

21 November 2005 - 04 December 2005

Renee Bevan explores issues of desire and romance through her series of chocolate inspired alternative material brooches.

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Fetish and the Feline Form: A Body Pierced

25 October 2005 - 19 November 2005

This window work by ceramicist Kirsty Gardner explores the fetish through her ceramic feline altars. Gardner combines issues of spirituality with diverse ideas related to body adornment and the domestic pet. Kirsty Gardiner emigra

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Some ... Progress

20 September 2005 - 22 October 2005

In this window installation Melbourne based maker Simon Cottrell brings together a collection of forms; brooch, cup, jug and container - exploring the nature of process.

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Re(ady) Made Installation

23 July 2005 - 17 September 2005

Re(ady) Made: A Sustainability Primer looks at the question of sustainability through the idea of reuse (the readymade), and recycling. This installation uses found objects and a recycled plastic manufactured by Pacific Plastics Limited, Otaki, to explore the ways in which industrial design often relies on unsustainable practices. Re(ady) Made proposes a cycle of resource use as an example of the possibilities if industrial designers think about the larger context of their activities.

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Doing furniture conversations

23 July 2005 - 13 August 2005

This installation by Wellington furniture maker Tim Larkin looks to a dark and visceral space. Through the use of pegboard - "as a type of hysterical pine plantation it represents nature reduced to 'standing reserve' " – and by breaking it, threading it, burning it, planing it and oiling it he reveals its poetic nature and shows that this hyper-refined industrial product can return to its primordial 'nature'.

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Fell in love with stitches

24 May 2005 - 16 July 2005

Sandra Bushby reinterprets historically innovative Louis Comfort Tiffany art jewellery designs by creating felt embroidered objects and placing them in an installation setting.

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Light Vessels

25 January 2005 - 01 January 1970

These hand cast concrete vessels by Rigel Sorzano are part of an ongoing project by the artist relating to the mystery and shifting shape of the spiral form. Here her exploration has been one of process as much as form; the individual characteristics of a piece, as developed during casting, have been exploited through exaggeration, piercing, or wearing away.

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