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Rare Collection

01 October 2016 - 05 November 2016

Rare Collection sees Australian jeweller Julie Blyfield respond to the 1861 book of plant illustrations Wild flowers of South Australia made by Fanny De Mole in 1861 in Adelaide, South Australia. It was the first book to illustrate the flora of South Australia, the old volume contains 20 plates and illustrates 38 different flowering plants from South Australia. Each of the delicate, hand coloured prints is accompanied by a name plate with a description of the plant species with the botanical / common names. It is believed that in the mid 1800’s Fanny’s plant illustrations were sent to England where they were made into Lithographs and returned to Adelaide for hand-colouring with assistance from her family and friends. 

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20 August 2016 - 21 September 2016

Johanna Zellmer
An exhibition examining political subjectivity through the iconographic languages employed in the forging of a nations currency. Drawing on themes of migrancy, movement and identity
Forged reflects on the political codification of personal experience through the language of jewellery. 

Johanna Zellmer was born in 1968 and completed a formal apprenticeship as a goldsmith in Germany and a masters degree at the Australian National University Canberra School of Art. Her research interests are the construction of national identities and cross-cultural matters. Her work was presented in New Zealand’s TVONE series Neighbourhood (episode 10: North Dunedin, 2012) and selected for New Zealand’s Parkin Drawing Prize in 2014. Dr. Pravu Mazumdar discussed her projects in his keynote for Schmuck 2013 at The International Design Museum Munich; this text is published online. Her work has been exhibited in Australia, Korea, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy and New Zealand and is held in public collections internationally. She calls a small farm in Dunedin ‘home’ and works as lecturer and Artists-in-Residence Coordinator at the Dunedin School of Art.

forged detail: 800 years of The German Brotherhood, Johanna Zellmer, 2008

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Samundar and Haldi

09 July 2016 - 10 August 2016

An exhibition focusing on the textile works of emerging artist Quishille Charan, and her investigations of traditional Fijian textiles. 

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Still Life Forms

26 May 2016 - 02 July 2016

An immersive installation by contemporary jeweller Chloe Rose Taylor

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The Group: home-wares

30 January 2016 - 27 February 2016

Julia Holderness

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