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  • New Objects - Floor Talk

  • Maker: Kristin d'Agostino
  • Watch out or they'll take over the world 2011

    Maker: Fran Allison
    Materials: silver, paint, paper, resin, length 8cm, width at widest point 5cm
  • Anomia Blossom 2013 2013

    Maker: Pauline Bern
    Materials: fine and sterling silver, 9ct gold, shell, kowhai seed, mesh, cable, diameter 70mm, depth 45mm
  • Fringe Necklace  2013

    Maker: Joanna Campbell
    Materials: fine and sterling silver, 9ct gold, shell, kowhai seed, mesh, cable, diameter 70mm, depth 45mm
  • Her Imperial Highness 2007

    Maker: Octavia Cook
    Materials: sandblasted mirror and plywood, 250 x 180mm
  • sometimes I wish I could paint 2014

    Maker: Deborah Crowe
    Materials: machine embroidery, printed textile, stretcher, 380 x 760 x 38mm
  • decanter

    Maker: Crystal Chain Gang
  • Black brooch with green oval 2010

    Maker: Mary Curtis
    Materials: Oxidised Stg Silver, wall paper, stainless steel wire, 64 x67 x 11 mm
  • Sharon Fitness

  • Sharon Fitness

  • Biscuit Brooch 1996

    Maker: Warwick Freeman
    Materials: pearl shell, gold, silver, 55mm x 8mm
  • Maker: Corrina Hoseason
  • Portrait of Violeta Parra 2014

    Maker: Andy Kingston
    Materials: Clay, slips, underglazes, glaze, enamels, 210 x 111 x 115
  • Gravity's Banana 2012

    Maker: Tessa Laird
    Materials: Earthenware with underglaze colours, 310 tall X 250 wide X 170 deep
  • Wiggle Seat 2013

    Maker: Peter Lange
    Materials: brick, reinforcing steel and epoxy glue.780mm high, 650 deep, 460 wide. 120 Kg
  • Karu atua 2014

    Maker: Karl Leonard
    Materials: Pingao, kiekie, kakaho, half rounds, black paint, 61cm length 43cm width
  • Tea Cosy 2014

    Maker: Rosemary McLeod
    Materials: Wool and acrylic felts, wool batting, cotton lining, perle thread, 22 x 28 cm plus 4.5 cm gusset
  • Backpack, piazza del Popolo, Roma 2013

    Maker: Gina Matchitt
    Materials: woven photo on plastic bag, 500x500mm
  • Maker: Richard Parker
  • Dirty Dairy 2014

    Maker: Meliors Simms
    Materials: Vintage wool blankets, cotton threads, 340x390mm
  • Bisou 2011

    Maker: Manon van Kouswijk
    Materials: porcelain, pigment, glaze, silver steel, 55 x 20 x 20 mm
    Image credit Jeremy Dillon
  • Pendant 2013

    Maker: Lisa Walker
    Materials: wood, lacquer, thread, 15 x 10cm

New Objects - Floor Talk

Event / 09 August 2014

All objects are from makers that have recently exhibited at Objectspace. New Objects is being staged to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Objectspace. All works will be offered for sale in an auction on Wednesday 13 August. This is a great opportunity to find out more about the participating makers and view the exhibition too.